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Manhattan Island, late afternoon, from New JerseyResidential stairway on left, painting of woman on right in hallwayThe Octagon, Main Street, NYCContemporary living room, floor to ceiling windows, view of waterModern newly constructed apartment building, New York CityHome spa, green tile walls and cedar floor and ceilingLarge suburban house with large lawn, blue skyHome theater with nine tan easy chairsContemporary sunken living room with sun streaming in through open stairsContemporary bedroom with two large photos on wallSmall urban residential living room with chair and sofaSmall kitchen island with four stainless steel stoolsBoat designers workbench with tools and miniature model boatlooking up spiral staircase with colorful glass chandelier hanging downContemporary grey hallway with glass brick window on leftTop floor of brownstone with two skylights and stairwayDinning area on top floor of brownstone with wall of windows looking out on treetopsContemporary house at dusk with many lightsDark room with single gothic window in center and two easy chairs facing one another.wood kitchen tablel and chairs on wood floor with exposed brick wall, painting and fireplaces