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Bulkhead doors from inside Dry Dock 1, Brooklyn Navy YardRemains of a dockyard crane, Brooklyn Navy YardWindlass amongst weeds, Brooklyn Navy YardLooking up at remains of a dockyard craneView of dry dock crane from bottom of dry dockLooking up through safety cage around ladderDormant crane, Dry Dock 4looking down the length of Dry Dock 4 with sky reflected in water.Rusted welders mask in the mud.Multiple granite stairs with railingMultiple decaying granite stairs zig zagging down side of wall.Looking down the length of partially filled dry dock with crane in the bachgroundWall of dry dock with shadow of craneUnused crane hooksLooking down partially filled dry dock with stairs in the foreground.Center line plate marking center line of drydockBollard surrounded by cobblestone and weedsthree rusted geared wheels laying in debris.