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Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2018Retired NYC Fireman Bill Spade, Sept 11 Memorial and MuseumMark Otto, Executive Director United War Veterans Council and organizer of New York City’s Veterans Day parade.Sculptor Sabin Howard discusses his work "The Weight of Sacrifice", WW1 MemorialSmoked Manhattan for DiagioSenators Kirsten Gillabrand and Corey Booker for the Drug Policy AllianceMixologist Dale DeGroffGlobal Commission on Drug Policy news conferenceSenator Chris DoddTom BulleitSir Richard BransonDr. Denis Mukwege, 2018 Nobel Peace Prize recipientEthan Nadelmann and George Soros at Drug Policy Alliance fund raiserNY City Mayor Bill De BlasioTABB Group Fixed Income conferenceGlobal Commission on Drug Policy news conferenceGlobal Commission on Drug Policy board membersDPA FundraiserAssemblywoman Joanne Simon being sworn in.Cesar Gaviria, Richard Branson and Paul Volcker