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Cast iron yellow ducks arranged in circle in a wide hallwayBarclays Center, Brooklyn NY at dusk with lines of fans waitingDry dock 4, Brooklyn Navy Yard, view from the bottom of the dry dock toward the bulkheadParking lot seen from the air with cars parked randomlyHaverhill Street Bath house, roof, cupola and oceanLit up modern residence on high ground at duskWilliamsburg Bank, BrooklynDowntown Manhattan wit Freedom Tower at duskTwo stairways forming an X with people climbing stairs, orange wallInterior of abandoned warehouse with many holes in roof reflecting off water on floorCrowd around small stage listening to speaker.Vintage power generator in basement of commercial buildingModern sunken living room with sunlit shining through stairsFarmhouse, Gilboa NY575 Lexington Ave, NYCGrand Staircase, Pound Ridge NYHudson Yards, NYCStudio Bar400 5th Ave, NYC135 East 79th St NYC