Michael Hnatov is a professional photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. With 20-plus years of experience, Michael has developed a broad range of expertise working for a wide variety of clients including The 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Physician’s for Human Rights, the National Hockey League, and Pfizer, Inc.

Whether it’s photographing Sir Richard Branson at an event for The Drug Policy Alliance, creating images to assist in developing learning tools for autistic children for Different Roads To Learning Inc. or perching on a 44-ft lift over a frozen highway at 3AM to catch the best shot of Cree Inc.’s latest LED municipal lighting product, Michael is at home with virtually any challenge. During his many years in the business, Michael has acquired a variety of experience that provides him with a wealth of problem-solving skills suitable to the demands of his client needs. Michael is equally at home with product photography, event and portraiture, and architectural and interior design photography. His range of skills and attention to detail are all part of what he brings to create accurate spot-on images for his client’s diverse projects.

Michael likes people. He likes the collaboration of working with art directors, stylists, or directly with a client. Whether it’s with a team or working solo to help illustrate someone’s vision, Michael is comfortable with the different situations in which a photographer gets called on to bring his best. And of course, being a long-suffering Mets fan, Michael also has well-tested patience.

Currently, Michael is engaged in the ongoing photographing of artifacts for The 9/11 Memorial and Museum. He’s a regular event photographer for The Drug Policy Alliance and a contributing freelance photographer for Publishers Clearing House, C Taylor Crothers, and the Auster Agency. In his free time, Michael likes to work on his 19th century home in Boerum Hill Brooklyn. 

Clients include;

Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum
Drug Policy Alliance
Physicians for Human Rights
Global Commission on Drug Policy
Taylor Strategies
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Publishers Clearing Houser
CWA Group
Cree Lighting
Wichita Auctioneers
House Magazine
Acanthus Press
Different Roads to Learning, Inc.
Newport News
Orchard Brands
Schoharie Valley Farms